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The home loan market doesn’t stand still. New products are launched almost every day. All Lending and Finance have the ability to provide you with the most appropriate loan product to suite your needs as we have access to the latest products on offer and have access to a panel of lenders which provides a source to many loans and product packages on offer to you.

By using the services of All Lending and Finance you only need to complete one loan application rather than submitting different applications at each lender until you find one willing to assist you. This has the potential to save you hours of your time and money in costly application fees.


1. Consultation

An experienced Mortgage Broker will meet with you for an information gathering session so we can understand what your current and future financial needs are. This will help us match the loan product to your needs.

2. Recommendations

Following from our discussion your Mortgage Broker will prepare a comparison for you with our recommendations of what we believe are best for your current situation. This comparison details features, advantages and benefits of what we believe are the best loans available for you.

If we believe that your overall financial situation has not been catered to your requirements the comparison may contain recommendations that you seek alternate professional advice from your Insurance Provider, Accountant, Solicitor or Financial Planner.

3. Choose your lender

YOU choose which lender and product suites your needs.

That’s right; we will not tell you which institution to put your loan with. We meet with you to discuss the comparison and make sure you understand each product and then you will decide which lender you would like to have your business. We see our job as educating the client so they have the opportunity to make an informed decision.

4. Complete the loan application

Once the Lender is selected, we will complete a loan application with you to apply for the finance of your choice. We will require documentation from you to support your application. The application is then submitted to the Lender on your behalf.

5. Wait for Approval

We maintain regular contact with the Lender, Real Estate Agent, Solicitor and You throughout the approval process.

  • Conditional Approval: Once the lender is satisfied with your application, we will receive notification that the loan is conditionally approved. This approval is generally conditional upon a valuation and/or other issues depending on the application.
  • Valuation: A valuer of the lenders choice will be instructed to complete a full valuation on the property you are using as security for your loan. This is generally a 2–3 day process.
  • Unconditional Approval: This is formal approval once all the conditions of the loan have been met. A finance approval letter will be forwarded to your solicitor to meet the finance clause of your contract. If your loan is not for a new purchase we will notify you via the phone and in writing.

7. Review Loan Documentation

Your Mortgage Broker will schedule an appointment with you to explain the loan documentation and answer any questions you may have before signing.

8. Constant Assistance

We will be there to answer any questions and to provide you with financial reviews throughout the life of your loan.

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